Senin, 12 September 2011

Being Natural

To me being "natural" is the essence of every spiritual teaching, every religion. That's why there's so much emphasis on being in and around nature! The whole point of meditation is to resume our own true nature. I reckon that all our problems, anxieties, frustrations and miseries arise from trying to be un-natural?

The best explanation of what I mean by 'natural' is this:

If a grown-up person is alone in a room and they know that the door is closed, locked and no one can see in, they will sometimes make funny faces in the mirror, dance around or sing songs in a stupid voice. They've got no inhibitions! No fear of looking ridiculous or being judged!!

But... if there is a tiny hole in the door and they become aware that someone can see them they will behave differently, as they 'should' in order to maintain their 'image'.

This is the difference between the natural self and the false self, the original face and the mask; the soul and the ego! What is most real in us doesn't care about image; it is basically "unselfconscious".

We're each an organic part of the whole of Nature, the cosmos, and to me there is nothing more beautiful, graceful or miraculous than the natural world. God lives in nature. Miracles are everywhere and nature's power is immense. Just look at how a single blade of grass grows through a slab of concrete.

I believe that somehow our deepest truth, our core identity, is written into each and every cell of our whole body. Sense it! Feel it! Express it! Live it! Pure and simply, sooner or later we will all realize that you just cannot go against nature, so there's really no point trying. Don't repress, don't resist. Just relax, let go, and trust.

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